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Ok let me rephrase my question. If you are pregnant and the boss lays you off what can i do. ?

He didnt fire me he just layed me off because he was hiring someone else

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    Contact a Lawyer! Get their opinion on the situation. Then go from there, I am pretty sure this is illegal.

    Good Luck

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    If you were let go because of your pregnancy that is illegal. The problem with that is you will have to prove that is why you were let go. Even if that was his reason he can say anything such as your work was not up to standards or budget cuts. That is usually how they can get around the legality of everything. Also if you work for an at will employer he can let you go without needing a reason. It sucks but it also means you could quit without giving notice or a reason. Depending on how far along you are the best you can do is try to find something else or even a temp. agency until the baby comes. I am truly sorry for what happened.

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    Did he lay you off because you are pregnant? Because if you did then I think that's against the law. You can apply for unemployment. If you don't have any health insurances because he laid you off then you can apply for Medicaid. They will most likely give it to you unless the household income is too high. Good luck!

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    It's illegal if it was becasue you are pregnant. You can go to the department of labor and file a complaint. Also, the department of labor will pay you unemployment for 13 weeks. It's 65 percent of your usual income. I would go up there and see what you can do.

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    That's illegal. You are entitled not only to keep your job throughout your pregnancy, but three months time off (paid or unpaid) and when you get back either the same position you had before, or one of equal status and pay.

    Look at this website, it should help you out:

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    You will have to prove that his sole reason for laying you off was bc you are pregnant. if you can't, then looks like you'll need a new job.

    reasons number 5,982 why im never getting pregnant!

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    If he did that just because you are pregnant, it's illegal.

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    sue him u can use that as a hate crime

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    what a dink, tell him off!

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