What are the effects of not starting or moving a car for 2 years?

We have a car that we stopped using and it had been sitting in our driveway for 2 years. It has not been started or moved at all in those two years. We already know the tires are dry rotted and the battery is dead. What other problems can we expect or are possibilities?

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    Sta-Bil in the fuel, remove the battery, set on blocks. If stored outside, look for things to rust and rot. If in the back yard, expect small critters to move in.

    I stored my car for seven years. For giggles, I rebuilt the carb and replaced the fuel pump. I didn't block the car, so I had flat spots on the tires (38psi minimized that problem!). I installed a new battery, replaced the fuel filter, and had to remove the nylon strainer in the fuel tank (fuel suction/feed line) - it was plugged!

    Time period was ~1993 to 2001. I still drive the car today (it's a 1979). No major work.

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    As stated in previous answers the fuel can go bad, Battery can die and not be able to be recharged, Tires can crack but, the one thing that no one has mentioned and can be very expensive is that your vehicle has multiple seal such as oil seals, Transmission seals among many many others. The longer a vehicle sits without being moved the more chance of the seals hardening and cracking. They will "dry out". When you begin to drive your vehicle again the seals have a good chance of leaking. You can start to notice fluid leaks.

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    1 decade ago

    put in a new battery and some gas and it might just start right up if your lucky, but letting a car just sit there for 2 years is not good for any of the parts and will cause them to get rusty and corroded, you might have to change spark plugs and wires, a new oil filter, but if it was running good before than it might still be okay

  • ib
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    brakes often rust up. sometimes they'll loosen up and be ok, some times the rotors will have to be turned or the brakes will pulsate or chatter. fuel is probably bad if you didn't add fuel stabilizer to the gas. so it would be a good idea to change the fuel filter. add some octane booster to the tank and you may not have to drain it.

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