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If I take out my nose ring, will the piercing shut completely?

I've had the piercing for a while, but I'm still really iffy about taking it completely out for a job I'm trying to land... my question is, if I take out my nose ring will the hole close? thanks so much


thanx so much for the info thusfar... i'll only have the piercing out for 7 hours or so, then probably slide it back in once i check out of work ;)

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    No! I've had my ear piercings for 23 years and I haven't worn earrings for years except on special occasions. The holes are still there.

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    well it depends almost completely on your body. like me for example, most nose rings are completely healed after 6 months, but i took a year before i could change it without it healing. i would suggest either having it changed [professionally just to be safe] to a really small stud. most places dont care about that :p

    or if you are comfortable changing it out yourself, i would suggest a retainer. u can get them at most piercing shops that sell jewelry. a retainer is pretty much a clear piece of plastic that looks like a regular piercing stud. but it makes the piercing almost invisible :p

    hope everything works out ok :D

    Source(s): pro piercer in training :D :D
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    It depends on how long the periods of time are that you have them out. Plus since you say you've had it for quite sometime, it most likely has already healed and will not close up.

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    only a lil you would have to force it through a little wen u put it back in

    Source(s): experience with a nose ring
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