Is a Yamaha R6 a bad first bike?

I found an R6 on craigslist for cheap and I want to jump on it, problem is I'm a new rider and I know an R6 is pipey bike. I'd take it slow and really learn how to ride the bike before I went crazy with it, but is it not a good idea to buy it?

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    1 decade ago
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    The R6 is not a suitable first bike.

    There will be other 'deals', after you have some riding experience.

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    My first bike ever was a 2006 r6. I never had a dirt bike and i was just fine. i spent a few days going around the block, and after that a few days on the back roads. After i got all the "jitters" i moved on to the highway. So Yes i think this would be a good first bike.

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    Depends if you can be a responsible rider. My first street bike was a 04 r6 and I loved it. I came up riding dirt bikes and the R6 is a fun bike.

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    I notice that JHCRF had dirt riding experience. In general a supersport, even a smaller one like the R6 isn't a great beginner bike. Peaky powerband, twitchy handling, very uncomfortable. Not to mention the insurance executives' comfy retirements thanks to the sport premium.

    The FZ6 is similar but more manageable. Check it out. BTW, if you have some gear and an MC endorsement on your license, try a demo ride at the next bike show near your area.

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  • it all depends on the rider, you just have to be honest with yourself as to if you're throttle happy, if so, a NEW R6 would be one of the last things you want, however an Older model (99 or the predecessor the FZR) would be ideal, CHEAP!, manageable power, and did I mention cheap? I just bought my wife a 92 FZR 600 and she loves it.

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    i started with an 08 ninja 250 and feel that i got the basics down pretty good.....ive ridden friends 600 and 1000 cbrs and had no problem with em.....

    The bigger bikes are bullets compared to the 250...they accelerate waaayy faster and waaayy easier.....

    for someone that doesnt know what they are doing and isnt careful....i can see how they can easily hurt themselves on these bikes...

    With the experience i gained on the small bike i was able to get on the larger ones with confidence and had no problems.....if possible start out small....

    If the deals that good....use the extra to get an old 250 to learn the basics on....u can sell it wat u got it for once ur done learning ;)

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    Yes, it's a bad first bike.

  • 1 decade ago

    worst beginner bike in the world- youd be lucky to pass your road test on it.

  • mn
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    1 decade ago

    your right.. R6 + begginer = mobile donor

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