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Is it wrong to be wrong?

Have you ever been asked a question and not want to give an answer because you thought your answer was wrong. Why? Is there too much pressure being put on people to always be right that people are too afraid to take a risk and answer a question when they are unsure of the answer? Why would that bother people? Is being right so good, and being wrong so bad?

Give me real answers people not just a joke. This is just a philisophical question for thought.

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    It's wrong to be wrong about facts. If you're giving opinion it should still be based in truth.

    Sometimes people are conflicted with different perspectives or aspects when processing a question. They can't even decide on an answer. Thinking out loud & thrashing it out would only lead to discussion/debate so perhaps it is fear of exposing their thought process.

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    As everyone else said, "It depends on the question." Sometimes you need the right answer. Sometimes there is no right answer. Sometimes no answer is the right answer. In other words, someone asks you, "What makes life worth living?" Let's say you were having a bad day and said, "Nothing." The person reads that on Yahoo Answers and kills him/herself. Clearly that was the wrong answer.

    Your boss asks you why you decided to send out a memo. S/he is holding the memo and does not look pleased. You can say anything you want, you are still going to get reprimanded. There is no right answer there.

    "Who did this?" Sometimes silence is the best answer. I didn't. Could have you called a liar. I did. Could have you in a whole heap of trouble!

    There is a game to answering questions.

    There is always a fear of giving the wrong answer. No one wants to look ridiculous in front of colleagues. No one wants to be laughed at. No one wants to seem less knowledgeable than they think they are. Wounded pride is a bad thing. No one ever says, "I want a collapsed ego structure when I grow up."

    Had to throw in a joke, I apologize.

    On that note, have a good night.

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    I answer just about every question in here. And I am as ignorant as they come, so obviously I am not afraid of being wrong. But frankly, when I answer a question about which I am totally ignorant, I am usually the best or second best answerer, so there is no shortage of people willing to jerk your chain and say stupid things in Yahoo Answers. In fact if you are looking for valid information this is about the LAST place you should go.

    So what is wrong with people stifling themselves when they are ignorant?

    They say God gave us two ears and one mouth so we would listen twice as much as we speak. I unfortunately, never have gotten the hang of that idea.

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    Insecurity is one of the most common of human flaws. Most people are afraid to be laughed at if they provide the wrong answer, and therefore will not answer at all even if they know their answer IS correct, just in case it's not.

    For example, someone can prove something again and again to themselves, but will not share that proof until the answer has been stated by someone else, and they are assured that they have not made a mistake.

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    It depends on what wrong answer we're talking about. If it's a classroom, learning environment than it is strongly encouraged that you answer questions right or wrong because even wrong answers are a learning strategy for the student. However, critical advice questions on everything from relationships to suicide better damn well be good answers because the wrong answer wont help anyone. When it comes to important life situations, it's wise to not answer if you know it's wrong, or atleast let the person know you're not sure.

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    Being wrong is bad in things of great importance. In things that are that important it isn't bad to be wrong. There are varying elements that keeping being wrong an absolute bad thing.

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    I would answer your question, but I'm afraid of being wrong....No, seriously though, I don't think it's so wrong to be wrong, but once you realize you're wrong, then it's wrong not to know or admit you're wrong. Follow?

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