(Ex target workers and current target employees)I have a second interview at target next Tuesday?

I i got an 2nd interview at target for a cashier job the first lady she really like me alot and now i have to wait until tuesday for the 2nd interview because i have school monday and we are out on tuesday but i really want to know what is what to expect with the 2nd person and i read that you have two in the same day but i didn't do you that is a problem or not and my brother wife works in the human resource department do you think i have a chance because she works in there oh yeah im 16 and i agreed to work weekends, evenings, and holidays is that good or what


wow thats a little better to know

Update 2:

I got the job yay lol

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    Yes that is good !!

    If they request a second interview - it means they were impressed with you. It also may mean they have several opening that they are interested in hiring you for (placing you into the position)

    Second INterview is with a higher up manager who will asses your needs and also see you skill set.

    Good Luck.

    Also if you mentioned on your application that you know someone at Target and that person has a good standing with the Company -

    Then that is more a plus. It is called referral.

    After you get the job (crossing my fingers for you)

    After 30 days - refer a friend to Target.

    Most company's have a referral program and the employee usually gets $$ for the referred friend if that person gets hired.


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    examine the corporation itself and coach them the way you tournament their corporation's undertaking assertion. examine their opposition and any constructive information articles which you will cite in the process your interview. What do you carry to the table? Years of shopper help journey? know-how of inventory and logistics? Write down all your know-how, qualifications, and accomplishments. prepare your 30 2nd elevator pitch. This tells the hiring corporation what you're approximately and the reports you carry to their corporation.

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