What kind of gangs are there in Manchester?

I want to live there and I hear there are a lot of gangs. i don't want to be afraid of walking out of my apartment and getting shot every night. so can you tell me about some of your experiences with the gangs and what they are like.

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    Manchester isn't called Gunchester for nothing. We have one of the highest rates of gun crime in the UK. On the plus side though, Manchester has little knife crime lol.

    The worst areas are Moss Side, Gorton, Longsight and Wythenshawe. These are the hot spots for drug gangs and shootings.

    There are two super gangs called the Gooch Gang and the Doddington Gang. Other gangs are known as the Rusholme Crew, the Old Trafford Cripz, Full Time Gouch Riders, the Longsight Crew, Old Trafford Crew and the Moss Side Bloods (responsible for the murder of Jessie James). Half of all the incidents of gun crime occur in Moss Side. In 06/07 there were three murders and a total of 39 shootings.

    I have lived in Manchester all of my adult life and only know of the gang issues because of the work that I do. I generally feel safe in Manchester but take extra precautions when travelling alone or at night particularly if travelling through troublesome areas. Much of the problem is around drugs and is territorial. If you are not involved in drugs and avoid the problem areas you will be okay.

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    I've lived in Manchester for two years and i've never seen a gang member! Most of them are only around rough areas like Hulme, Cheetham Hill, Moss Side, parts of Rusholme, Salford and Longsight, but still these areas aren't even as bad as the media makes out.

    I can guarantee that if there is a gang somewhere that they'll never be really out to hurt innocent people. The violence most of the time is aimed at rival gang members and people connected with crime. It's only on very rare occasions you hear about incidents involving an innocent bystander and a gang.

    You have nothing to worry about as long as you don't go doing stupid sh8t like walking down the Curry Mile on your own at 3:30 in the morning p8ssed out your face. If you go out looking for trouble in Manchester you'll most definetly find it.

    The best way to avoid getting shot or stabbed in Manchester:

    *Don't deal drugs

    *Don't join a gang

    *Don't hang around or approach gangs

    *Don't walk/hang around council estates at night (why the hell would you want to do that anyways?)

    *Don't walk home after a night out (loads of drunk people around doing stupid things)

    *Don't start a fight if someone calls you something (just walk away and go into a shop or somewhere safe)

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    Gangs only really shoot or stab rival gang members (isn't that the point?) Why would they waste time and bullets on you?

    You might hear of 1-2 violent incidents per month on the news, but generally the 'victims' are involved in crime themselves. If you are out riding a mountain bike in Hulme at 3.30am on a school night you are probably up to something you shouldn't be.

    Unless you are intending on joining a violent gang, or setting up your own to interfere with their activities I think you will be safe.

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    Moss Side Gangs

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    hehehe...ive lived in the city centre and never seen any 'gangs' or crime to be fair....its just like any large city there are bad areas and good areas. In the city centre it is clean and safe.. the rough areas are longsite and moss side and a few other places but you only ever drive past them and its not like there are people with guns they just have poorer housing!! Im a girl too and i feel safe walking on my own. Ive never ever seen gangs though only a few odd looking people where you get everywhere

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    Manchester has it's bad points like any other place but it's not full of gang crimes. I've lived here my whole life (20 years) and love my city and its good community spirit.

    Honestly we're not all gun toting lunatics :)

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    Longsight Crew

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