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How do you book a cruise for 22 people in 8 cabins?

I have been to all the popular cruise booking sites on the web but am having trouble booking since I have 22 people in 8 different cabins?

How do you book on a travel website the vacation? I haven't seen anything that says its for more than one cabin. The group vacation is for people of 8 cabins or more and no less. Please help. Planning a vacation for my entire family for my daughters 15 birthday next year.Please tell me how to book this using detailed information.

Thank you.


what are some good cruises that dont rock so much or cant feel the rock?

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    If you are considering Carnival, give one of their Personal Vacation Planners a call. 800-819-3902 ext 82994 for Gilbert. He has planned 4 of our cruises and is great!

    With such a large group, you will want some special attention to your dining room plans, cabin selection, etc. that you can't get by using an on-line service.

    Reminder...passports or passcards will be required beginning June 1, 2009. Take this into consideration for your budgeting and booking process.

    Most cabins will host 4 guests. Keep in mind, the upper berths are not great for large adults.

    Wit the help of a planner, you can select your cabins and maybe get some perks for booking such a large group.

    Ask for extras like VIP check-in, photo credits.

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    Call Carnival directly. You will get a group rate since you are booking 8 cabins. Depending on the cabin configuration, you can get up to 4 people in a cabin (although it will be tight).

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    I would try the cruise lines direct (or via their own web sites) as many will give discount for group bookings.

    The people on the end of the phone will have lots of experience with similar requests to yours.

    There are 4 Berth cabins so do not belive the person who said that there are none due to fire marshel regs!!

    Source(s): I work for P&O/Princess/Ocean Village
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    Call a cruise agent or keep shopping for a better deal.

    You'll get a better deal too.

    you should qualify for a free person if your cabins are all doubles.

    Good luck!

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    You need to call the cruise line to book multible cabins.

    all cruises rock... smaller ships more than larger ships. you will feel the motion regardless.

    email me if you want info for the person i book Carnival through.

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    Julie T said it best. I don't know Gilbert, but I agree that a group that large you'll want to talk to a real person to make arrangements. And you should be able to get a little special treatment with bonuses or credits.

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    Try www.carnival.com....Most of the cabins holds up to 4 people....Call Carnival so that they can give you more details....Have Fun!

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    22 people in 8 cabins? You can't, they're to small, they only accomodate 2 people per cabin, Fire Marshall Code. You'll need to get 11 cabins

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    A travel agent will be able to handle the entire booking for you.

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