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what does this mean i think i do but i don't i don't know HELP ME PLEASE!?

i cant breath when i think of him when i see him i turn happy when he calls my name i get butterflies when we say bye i don't want him to leave and when im hugging him holding his hand or have my head on his lap or shoulder i feel happy but he has a girl friend who is my friend I've always said that i wouldn't hurt a friend because of her boyfriend but with him its different i liked him since last year i didn't see him all summer which made me cry myself to sleep at night and know where closer than ever i try to forget about my feelings towards him but i cant do i love him?

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    What are you? 13?

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    It is worth going for so that you don't have regrets later, but you may lose a friend.

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    i suggest not doing anything about it. i was once cheated on when my bf dated one of my best friends and it killed me when i found out.

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