Is America the only country with a democracy?

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    There are plenty of Democratic countries ... but the states is not one of them. The meaning of Democracy is that every persons vote counts in decisions (a government for and by the people)... in the US the popular vote is not what determines the have an electoral college which is a group of specially appointed people that interpret your vote for you... this is not Democracy. If you look at the dollar bill you will see that it says "republic"... being a collection of autonomous states with their own govnmts. that means the US would be a Democratically styled Federal Republic.

    Source(s): the dollar bill, history, high school.
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    The type of government we have is defined as a Republic.But what we in the USA actually have is a "Representative" Democracy. We are the only nation with this exact system.

    There are many countries with similar systems. (key word similar).

    There are many countries that are considered Democratic in that the leadership of the country is elected by the people.

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    Were are technically a republican democracy because we vote but we vote for people to vote for us.

    But there are many countries who have a type of democracy but not like exactly like ours.

    Source(s): A list of countries who hold a democracy.
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    I'm going to assume you are in second grade to start off with.

    Actually, I don't blame you, I blame the society we have where education is no longer deemd important.

    Anyway, to answer your question no. In fact we aren't a democracy. We are a Republic, which is a similar form of government, but all together different.

    Ancient Athens was a pure democracy. I reccomend you google to find countries that are pure democracies.

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    Eh no

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