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Professional Western Pleasure Trainer?

I'm looking for someone to professionally train/refresh my 6 year old QH gelding. He's a real joy to work with and knows all of his basics, however I would like to become competitive within the next year or so and he needs work. Can you recommend anyone on the east coast - Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and possibly Pennsylvania/Ohio?


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  • Rosi M
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    1 decade ago
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    Your best bet is to go to and look at their adds for trainers and services.

    Source(s): Over 40 years of training horses, riders and making/repairing saddles and tack. HPTS!!!
  • Doc
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    1 decade ago

    I love your area, but am sorry, I only know an Emergency Physician there, and some land developers building smart homes. I know they're not taking grazing land or ranches in the Heartland! I know a horseman & competitor in Arizona, too far away.

    It was a pleasure to answer one of your earlier questions about a trialer, I am mechanical, and a car builder, and I would know something about animal health, and a little less about diet and exercise, not much about training.

    Just by coincidence, if I can post a link, this my new, month-old Quarter Horse Mustang, as I support the theme; green movement, animal lovers everywhere and the ethical treatment of animals and humans with positive relationships and good health, and I encourage people to have pets for mutual benefit (pet & human co-existence, companionship), while I am a Drag Racer actually? Good luck and God speed with your well-bred QH.

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