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My Whirlpool Refrigerators Ice Maker Does Not Work? Where Do I Buy The Ice Makers Module System?

Is The Module The Problem?




Update 2:

The Water Works.

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    the i/m module is common to fail. it has 3 phillips screws holding it to the i/m housing. before you go out and buy one take the entire i/m out of the freezer section and see if the metal mold that forms the cubes has a peeling coating. it may be black or a greenish color, both of them will peel off and cause the unit to not cycle properly.

    if its good and smooth so that ice can be easily slid out during the "harvest" cycle, then you should get a part # 628366 module. anywhere from 75-150 bucks.

    before you do get anything, try to poor about 4 ounces of water into the mold area and let it go for 3-4 hours and see if it will cycle the cubes out of the i/m by itself. sometimes the inlet water valve could let water thru the door but not to the i/m. it has 2 separate coils.

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    Whirlpool Ice Maker Module

  • Jim S
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    A web search for "appliance parts" gets many hits, but I chose this one for you because they are nationwide, reputable, and don't give a lot of hassle about returns. If you live in a major city, they will have a physical store to get the parts.

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    you need water to make ice

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