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How would I support this side of a debate?

For my English class, we're doing debates.

My teacher randomly chose our topics out of a list, and decided whether or not we'd be the Pros or Cons of it.

The topic that my group was chosen to get was "Are racial/ethical jokes dangerous?"

But... we also got the Cons.

So I have to explain how racial/ethical jokes are NOT dangerous.

And I'm not sure how to do that.

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    Use different examples. I think there are limits, but some are okay.

    For example, I'm white a white female. There are jokes about being white and about being female. If it's not completely demeaning than I don't really care. There are jokes I've heard about blacks. I am not prejudice at all and do not think any less of anyone. But, some are funny. Some are wrong. Like some exaggerate the ridiculousness of views. Like blond jokes. Maybe an argument would be to not take things so seriously. Laugh a little. It's a joke. Not a fact. As long as it's not taken too far. Maybe say that we all need to learn to be more light-hearted and not take EVERYTHING so seriously.

    I don't know. You'll figure it out.

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    well, you could bring up the fact that while it is still discrimination, people of a different race ARE different and that's not a bad thing just because we make jokes about it. You could also say that Anybody about whom the joke is being said should have enough self confidence to understand that it really is just a joke at their expense, and not necessarily meant to be hurtful. Hope this helps.. that is a really tough one, Im sure your teacher will understand if your arguments aren't both incredible and plentiful.

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