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When your enemies are happy which man has been been elected President?

Should you cr@p your pants?

Hugo Chavez is already making comments that are frightening.

"The historic election of an African American to lead the most powerful nation in the world is symptomatic of a changing era that has been conceived in South America

and could be knocking on the doors of the Unite States," he said.


You've misunderstood the question.

Obama cares very much what Hugo Chavez has to say.

Hugo Chavez WANTS Obama as our President. Iran and Iraq WANT Obama as our President.

Why? They either KNOW he will do what they want or think they finally have a President they can control.

Do you really think that is good for you and me?

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    He's sold us out!

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    First off, who cares what Hugo Chavez has to say about ANYTHING? The man's a self-promoting blowhard and the whole world knows it.

    Next, the real enemies of America like Al Quaida really don't care who's in office. They hate our entire system; who's leading it at any moment in time is insigificant to them.

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