Does anyone know if vinegar or something else could help my infected belly button?

So i just got my naval ring re-pierced and this time it had grown a small red bump right under my top ball. It has been there for about 2 months maybe three that i have noticed, and it will go away and reappear, i know its due to a infection on the inside because when i change the ring puss will come out and there's a little pouch of puss in the inside.

I was just wondering since im not going to take it out if anyone can help me with some kind of remedy i could use on it to make it heal.

THANKS so much!!!!!

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    Rid it of puss by giving it a good squeeze, this may hurt but it will benefit you in the long run. Then give it a good scrub, again this may hurt, using iodine or even just some vodka you have lying around. Also, try having a bath with lots of added salt( like three or four mugfuls), that shoud do the trick. I wouldnt recommend putting any covering on it though, you want it to dry completely and exposing it to the air is a great way to ensure this.

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    Definitely wash the area with an antibacterial soap like dial, clean and DRY it good. Make sure the belly ring is silver and not the nickel crap they stick in there, because you could be allergic to metal (that will cause infection too) A lot of times they stick that cheap crap in there when they first Pierce it, you know?

    I had a belly ring done for my birthday, it got infected due to the fact I was allergic to the nickel that was in the ring.....I used dial, clean an dried it good everyday and also used peroxide to put in there, best antibacterial cleaner in the world AND you can use it also as a stain remover from your teeth; just don't swallow!!!

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    Washing the area a couple of times a day with soap and water and trying to keep the edge of it open where the ball is will help. Also, as one other answer replied, you need to push on the area to try to get the pus out every time you clean it. Then, you can put neosporin, bacitracin or polysporin on the wound. It is important to try to keep it open so the pus has a way to get out rather than forming a pocket under the skin. Vinegar has no antiseptic qualities and will not help. Soap and water are your best anti-bacterial cleansers. It it gets bigger and bigger, you will need to go to a doctor to get an antibiotic.

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    You need to get the puss out by pushing on it then put some neosporin on it. Put a bandaid on it.

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