I am having problems with my emails, who do I contact.?

I have received two email that went to my spam file. When opening the first one I read the message, knowing it was spam, and tried to reply to no avail and went back to open it again and the message was gone. Another email I opened it and the message was not there. These emails are from clients trying to purchase puppies and I am unable to respond to them and I can't move them to my in box.

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    1 decade ago
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    Well if it is from trusted contacts then turn your spam off for a while.

    Go to Options >> Mail Options >> Spam Settings.

    Click on Turn Spam Guard Off.

    Click Save Changes.

    If you know the peoples' address without having to look at it, send them a message that they're emails were put in your spam folder and you were unable to view them and could they please email you again? If they are serious about buying puppies from you they won't have a problem with having to do this.

    This happened to me recently and I adjusted my Spam settings.

    I don't think we really need the Spam Guard to be on because we can just click Spam when we want to delete a message that is spam.

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