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Will I ever be able to rub my eye vigorously again after Lasik eye surgery?

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    I had Lasik done almost a year ago and until just recently I have not had to rub them. The more I work in front of the computer then the more tired my eyes get and I do rub my eyes vigourously. At this point it is ok but in the beginning you should not do that. I really should be using drops still and that would help with the problem but well.. its easier to just rub them!!

    Good luck!

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    Well I am just about to have my lasik done in three days. I went to my pre-opt visit and the lade said that a person with lasik eye surgery will never or should never rub their eyes in their life.

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    you really shouldn't it is not good for the eye. After you have the Lasik surgery they give you valium and tell you ro sleep for a day or at least keep your eyes clothes. They give you eye patches. It is important to not touch the eyes for at least a month. They give you drops to make your eyes water.

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    You should NEVER rub your eyes vigorously ever! You can cause damage to your eyes by rubbing.

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    why are you rubbing them vigorously now?!

    that is sooooo bad you could damage your eyes!!!!!!!!


    god if you told your eye doctor you do that they'd be soooooo pissed and probably would want to run some tests to be sure your eye is not already damaged in some way.

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    if have eye surgery in one eye, can I rub the other

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    well maybe after it heals like a month after or so idk

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