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Who is the best Point gaurd in the East and West?


Chris Paul


Jose Calderon

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    I agree with you.


    Chris Paul - he's been amazing. There nothing else to say about him. he's been playing like an all-star.


    Jose Calderon - He's been a difference maker in Toronto. shooting perfect on the line. Great 3pt%. He been good taking care of the ball. Calderon is one of the most underrated player. He posting up all-star number for the 1st 4 games. 20 ppg. and 9.8 apg. shooting 50% on the 3pt line and perfect on the freethrow line. You can't ask for a better pg. and he's leading all PG in Assist - turnover ratio.

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    What up GR13GO,

    I think your assessment is pretty accurate.

    In the East an argument can be made that now that A.I. is on the Pistons. While he is a shoot first, pass second guard- if you consider him a true PG (which he techincally is) he's definitely a better player than Calderon (and you would also have to throw Gilbert Arenas in this mix). Derrick Rose is also quickly rising and you can see him in this discussion possibly 2-3 years from now.

    So i'd go with Iverson in the East since he's technically a point guard- although Calderon deserves tremendous attention and should be an all-star in the East this year.


  • East-Jose Calderon

    West-Steve Nash

    Good Luck

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    The best point guard is in the West CP3

    Chauncey Billips used to be the best player in the East but I think that Jose Calderon is the best in the East now.

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    West: Deron Williams

    East: Jose Calderon

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    1. Jose Calderon - Is a beast

    2. Mike Bibby - Plays big against great pg's. Especially, playoff time

    3. Andre Miller - Underrated, puts up solid #'s

    4. Mo Williams - Shoots too much to be considered a great PG

    5. Devin Harris - on the rise

    * ALLEN IVERSON is a SG not a PG


    ---. Steve Nash (or) Chris Paul - Have yet to make up my mind

    2. Deron Williams - Could even be considered #1

    3. Tony Parker - Incredible and off a lot of people's thoughts at times

    4. Chauncey Billups - Same can be said for CB1 as said to TP

    5. Jason Kidd - Still has it

    * BARON DAVIS is a SG in a PG's body

    HS.... I just realized how much better the West is in terms of PG's than what the East has. Its a kill

  • West -


    Steve Nash




    East -

    Calderon - he's on fire right now, I should've gotten him in my fantasy team but oh well

    Andre Miller

    AI (lets see)

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    West- CP3

    East- Mo Williams

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    west: Chris Paul

    east: Jose Calderon i guess, almost all the good pgs are in the west now

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    I agree.

    East: Calderon

    West: CP3

    Since Iverson is just starting in the east, we'll have to see, I think he could pass Calderon

    Edit: Anthony... if you want to get technical, Iverson is a PG aswell as a SG, he is both. Get your facts straight before you capitalize it stressing that you have an idea what your talking about.

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