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Which hairstyle should i wear tomorrow??(pix) hurry i nedd answers by tomorrow morning.?

im going to a step up day n meeting old friends. i want to look good n show them how much i changed. which hairstyle should i wear. n what do u think i should wear? (tee, jeans, sweatshirt, etc.)





im 14.



step up day, um. for something to wear. just pretend im going to school

Update 2:

i really dont wanna wear my hair down like 4. cause it gets messy n i wore it down for like the whole week. but if u really like it. ill do number4

Update 3:

n tell me the one or ones i shouldnt wear. like the ones u hate.

Update 4:

o srry for the hair in my eyes. i dont like it that way either. i try to keep it out of the way. but i geto my hands full while takin pic. my bangs arent alwasy like that

Update 5:

yeah so i ended up going with my hair down(4) then half way threw i put it up in a ponytail (3). n i wear boot leg jeans, gym shoes, and a tee with sunglasses on it. n my abercrombie faux fur jacket. thax for the help everybody!

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    I ♥ the 3rd one!!!!!!!! It's really cute!! 1 is not my favorite. And if u said u don't like 4 id do 3 or 2 (but personally i love 3) btw i love ur hair too! So I'd go with 3 cuz its easy and cute! Here is an idea, u probably don't have the exact thing but its an idea of what may look good!http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/app#foo

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    3 or 4

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    Number 4.

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    4 is really cute! I like when the hair is down but, if it gets in the way number 2 I liked... I'd say to wear get some slip on shoes, jeans, and a really cute polo shirt maybe a jacket to wear over it.

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    well as someone OLDER dont wear it in your eyes...I guess since you really dont like number 4 do number 1 with your hair up and back, it looks cute. Sorry but I just distlike that over the eye in the face look. to me it looks messy. besids you are a cute girl why hide yourself.

    wear a nice pair of jeans and a tshirt maybe a hoodie over it and your comfy gym shoes..for jewerlry maybe some sorta bangly braclet...a necklace that comes down some..simple earrings not to dangly.

    but thats my opinion...

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    im a boy and by a boys opinion i think number 2 or 3 three. #4 is sorta like #2 and # 1 is messy. wear a shirt that is sorta tight and maybe some sorta tight jeans with i dont know black converse and ur kinda cute im 14 too. this isnt my account though. my email is hipeepz@yahoo.com

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    I love hairstyle 3 and 4! You should totally wear something like hollister or abercrombie, juicy, gucci, RALPH LAUREN! (lol my avatar name, heart)! And make sure you don't look like you tried to hard. But def. wear some cute, dark skinny jeans with a really cute shirt from one of the stores. Then wear flip-flops, or uggs depending on what the weather is! your sure to impress your friends!

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    I really like number 3.

    wear simple jeans and a tee shirt that really makes a statement, that shows the true you to your old friends.

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    I like number 3.

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