What does this flag mean?

okay, my friends have a myspace, and like everything i see on their page, is the confederate flag. i keep telling them i dont want to be friends with them if they're gonna be against black people. they've gotten held back before, so i dont think they're that smart.

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  • Gina C
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    The original flying of the Confederate flag after the end of the Civil War was a statement of southern pride, and meant to be an affirmation of southern culture (generally by white guys). It has been flown by predominantly southern military units until the end of the Vietnam War, and was not generally considered a racist symbol by these soldiers, many of them black...

    The problem really arose with the Confederate flag when White Supremacist groups adopted it as a standard... Before then people considered it sort of a 'Country Music" flag, or an 'I am a Southern Boy' flag for their trucks (again, mostly white guys)

    Now that it has become associated with white supremacists, it is sort of politically incorrect for people to fly it, and sort of stupid to fly it if you do not want to get flack, or be inappropriately assumed to be a white supremacist..

    Whether it is insensitive of states that have Confederate elements to their flags are being insensitive or just traditional is a hard one... Just because people all over the world are now associating our national flag with warmongering imperialism, does this mean we are flying the 'warmongering imperialist" flag? Should we then change our flag? If we change our flag are we changing who we are?

    In the case of states it seems to me that changing the flag changes nothing. The origional split between the North and South was not over slavery anyway... it was over the difference in culture and economy between agricultural base and industrial base. It is not easy to manage or write evenhanded laws to administer a nation that has such diverse interests, especially if those interests are also geographicly seperated... The confederate flag can be construed to celebrate a culture without celebrating slavery, or racism.

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