What has you're Religion done that has helped Society?

Baptists spear headed the black rights movement with Martin Luther King the fact that the USA now has a black president that just show how far they have come.

The Jehovah's Witness have helped a lot with the right to speak freely and bloodless surgery has saved many in europe.

Catholicism has given us the troops we needed to fight Germany in both World wars and (Im not 100% about this one) they helped funding the manhattan project

As for The Salvation army well there reputation speaks for it self

Have I forgotten anything ?


manda :) "May I ask for the link that says bloodless surgery saved anyone?"

There are to many link's on this but here's 2 just of the top of my head




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  • gumby
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    My church has donated millions in humanitarian aid. There is also a program that pays for people to come to the US for a college education. It also has a welfare system in place for families that cannot afford to buy groceries. I could go on and on.

    Source(s): LDS (Mormon)/Christian
  • doug s
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    "[...]Catholicism has given us the troops we needed to fight Germany in both World wars and (Im not 100% about this one) they helped funding the manhattan project[...]"

    Neither of those are true, actually. The Catholic Church had a very specific policy of not taking sides in both world wars. Even once they knew what was happening to the Jews they didn't condemn Hitler.

    That's probably because they were in the heart of Axis territory and would have been slaughtered had the piped up.

    OK, I'm an atheist. What have we done? Almost every single major scientific and technological advancement of the last 300 years. How's that for a start? Check out the list:


    And that's not everyone.

    You're welcome. :D

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    As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I have had the privilege of spreading the Good News about Jehovah's Kingdom ruling from the heavens on the horizon that will make the earth a global paradise.

    God's Kingdom will make right all the injustices that we experience today.

    Best Wishes.

    Source(s): God's Word, the Bible (Matthew 6: 9-13; Matthew 24:14; Matthew 28: 19 & 20).
  • Skalla
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    That is not religion's doing. That is the individuals that belong to that religion.

    May I ask for the link that says bloodless surgery saved anyone?

    Catholicism gave us bodies to fight WWI and II? That has nothing to do with religion at all. Thats soldiers fighting for their country.

    I think you're taking this a little far. If I happened to save the world from cancer one day, was it atheism that saved the world?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Here in Canada, it was a Baptist minister that promoted the cause of Universal Medicare.

    He also introduced the precursor to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Saskatchewan Bill of Rights, some of Canada's first laws outlawing discrimination and social injustice.

    "The religion of tomorrow will be less concerned with the dogmas of theology and more concerned with the social welfare of humanity." - Tommy C. Douglas

  • 1 decade ago

    The Vatican, individual parishes, religious orders and other Catholic organizations are the largest charitable organization in the world period. No other organization provides more food, education or medical care. For example, Catholic Charities provides more than two million meals a year in Chicago alone.

    BTW I was educated by Jesuits free of charge.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, my lack of religion has given us;

    The result of the manhattan project (the lead scientists were atheist).

    Automobiles (Ford was an atheist).

    Nuclear power.


    Personal computers (that thing you're typing on now).

    Astronomy, biology, mathamtics, medicine.. (virtually every scince known to man).

    And a whole lot of other things I probably don't even know about.

  • FUNdie
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    1 decade ago

    built hospitals

    built schools

    fed/clothed the poor/homeless

    spoke up for those who can't speak for themselves

    offer non-violent alternatives to abortion

    dig wells in 3rd world villages so they can get clean drinking water

    teach them how to grow their own crops

    teach their children to read (especially girls)

    changed cannibals into peace-loving people

    Build new villages for people

    Help out after a natural disaster

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    Friend ,

    Many other denominations perform services you know not of ,why ,because they don't advertise of what they do ,they just do it!

    Like immunizing all the children of Africa against measles,and supplying equipment for wells to be dug in Africa .

    God bless.

    Source(s): L D S member.
  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    In modern times....religious groups in general have peoples bests interests in mind.... historically however....religion has caused a great deal of harm.... I hope the NEW trend continues....

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