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I was just drawing...?

My dream last night was a complete blackout (like nothing was my dream) and today during class I started to draw. I drew the first thing that came to mind and it was the LSU vs. Alabama game this weekend. So I started to draw. Then felt kind of a deja vu sort of thing and saw the game being played out in my head. I then remembered it was my dream. When I remembered it, it didn't feel like a dream though, it felt real. Like, I'd been there done that, seen this all before. I would like to know if someone can make something out of this little peice of info or if I'm just crazy and paranoid and need to get help.


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    I do this all the time. Sometimes it scares me though when I have a bad dream because I fear it will come true. Sometimes it will be 2-3 months later and I will realize that I had a dream about the situation I was in. At first it was like deja vu but then I started paying more attention to my dreams and I realized when deja vu would strike I would remember the dream I had. Dreams have really taught me a lot about myself.

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