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Who should be on the "Most Overpaid players Team"?

In your opinion who are the most overpaid guys in the league?

My team:

C:Jerome James-The Knicks gave him a mega contract after that one good fluke playoff series when he was in Seattle, he hasnt done anything since.

Pf-Kwame Brown-The fact that he's even making any money makes him overpaid. He should have been drafted to the Circus.

SF: Luke Walton- he's like the most over-paid bench player ever. The Lakers gave him like a 5 year $25 mil. contract. This guy cant do anything right.

Sg:Corey Maggette- why did the Warriors give him so much money? It still baffles me, he's so one-dimensional.

Pg: Stephon Marbury- If I remember correctly, he has the highest Annual Salary in the league. He's a selfish ballhog, and doesn't make any of his teammates better.

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    All good answers. I agree with some of them. here..we..go...

    Center - Ben Wallace (makes $14,500,000)

    Yea, yea, he hustles and rebounds well. But Anderson Vareajo makes much less than half of Wallace's 14+ mil, and he could step in and do that.

    Detroit got a favor from Chicago giving the former undrafted free agent HUGE money, and the Cavs, needing size, took the big guy in a deal last season. (Note: Cleveland's payroll of $92,648,946 is 3rd in the league behind Dallas and the Knicks, #1)

    PF - Zack Randolph (makes $14,666,667) Man, Portland fell in love with a scorer when they gave him the deal. Luckily, Isiah Thomas was there to take him off their hands and help them rebuild. The Man does not hustle, is lazy at too many moments, and makes more money than Elton Brand.

    SF - Wally Szczerbiak (makes $13,275,000) Boston, Minnesota, Seattle...all were happy to unload his salary. Now Cleveland (did i mention 3rd highest payroll) has it and a good night for this guy is 12 and the bench.

    Guards- Kidd, MARBURY, Hinrich, Redd, and don't forget Houston gave Steve Francis over $18 ride the pine.


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    C- Ben Wallace

    PF- Zach Randolph

    SF- Luol Deng

    SG- Gilbert Arenas

    PG- Stephon Marbury


    Eddy Curry

    Luke Walton

    Steve Francis

    Malik Rose

    Raef Lafrentz

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    Shawn Marion



    I think you are being a little hard on Luke, he had a mini break out season in 2006 when he averaged 12 4 4, and shot 40% from 3-pts, the Lakers really struggled after he and Odom went out with injuries. To me Walton is worth about 3-4 mil/year, and he can actually put up 12 4 4 on a crappy team,

    Marion is making 17mil, for a guy that can't create his own shot, and basicly gets paid for his defensive skills and highlights, 17mil is way too much when the likes of Ron Artest and Bruce Brown are all making less than 7 mil.

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    Stephon Marbury

    Gilbert Arenas

    Corey Maggette

    Kwame Brown

    Erick Dampier

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    I definitely know who the coach would be... Phil Jackson. here would be my lineup...

    1.Ronny turiaf

    he sucks but yet he wines that he doesn't get paid enough

    2.stephon marbury

    he used to be good, but now he's getting like a gazillion dollars to sit there and watch people

    thats all I can think of

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  • lmao.. imagine this was the starting lineup for a team in the league..

    Heres the rest of your team:

    Larry Hughes



    Ronny Turiaf





    Troy Murphy




    Antoine Walker




    Marko Jaric




    Eddy Curry




    Jared Jeffries




    Chris Duhon



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    1. Stephon Marbury- $21,937,500

    2. Steve Francis- $19,814,480

    3. Andre Kirelenko-$15,080,312

    4. Malik Rose- $7,647,500

    5. Wally sczerbiak- $13,000,000 all he can do is shoot and he hasnt even been doing that well lately

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    marbury is making more than $21 million without even playing.

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    I agree with your list.

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    100% agree with your list.


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