If Alaskans relect a felon to the senate, will it make you wonder why Palin is the most popular Gov in the US?

Right now they are still processing results, and it looks like incumbent Ted Stevens who was convicted of 7 corruption charges a week before the election, could very well be the winner-he is leading by about 4,000 votes. There are still ballots to be counted, but even the race being close, is ridiculous.

Does this make anyone wonder about the Alaskan political sanity and give you reason to wonder how much stock people should have put into the claim Sarah Palin as the "most popular Governor in America"? Sure Alaskans love Sarah Palin, but then again half the people there voted for a convicted felon.

I was offended that she was "considered" the best person for the job...They knew she was not the best person for the job, she was the best female choice they could come up with to try to get Hillary supporters. I think that a presidential campaign should be run on the grounds of what is best for the country & with the most capable people, not just the people that might get you the votes to win. McCain's choice of her was insulting to the intelligence for all voters. I won't discount the fact that she "breathed new life" & fresh ideas for the GOP, BUT that energy did not make her qualified to run for VP, especially since she didn't even know what her responsibilities would be as VP.

How does everyone else feel?


I had read the explanation of voting for the Republican to "hold" the seat, but is that an ethical vote to cast? You vote for someone who is not the best suited for the position, because you want to keep with a specific party. I think that is unconscionable, disgusting, and an insult to the spirit that the right to vote was given for.

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    1 decade ago
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    Alaskans voted for him to keep the seat in Republican hands. They knew darn well that the Senate would never seat him.

    Same thing happened in 2000, when Missouri elected a dead guy to the Senate. The idea there was to keep a Democrat in the seat.

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    I agree with the first post reply. But to address political sanity issue, allow me to point out:

    Jim Jeffers D LA 90,000 dollars in his freezer...re-elected

    Ted Kennedy D MA Killed his girlfriend at Chappaquiddic ...re-elected

    R. Byrd D WV Ex KKK leadership........re-elected

    These are the most recent and easily proven, but politics and sanity are seldom used in the same breath with Reps. or Dems.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He may win the seat again, but wont be seated by the Senate, otherwise it would set a precedent.

  • 1 decade ago

    Palin who? Where's Alaska?

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