What is algorithm of yahoo answers in retrieving candidates answers from answered question?

We know that every time a user posted a question, yahoo answers will return some candidates of answers from the answered question that it thinks that they are the answer for this question you have posted. May I know what is the information retrieval architecture/algorithm used behind it? could it be question to question mapping, question to answer mapping, term overlapping or more than that (e.g. tf.idf or much more)?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would think it is implemented as database tables and queries.

    1. There are user table accessed by a user code (has user name and nick)

    2. A question table accessed by question number

    3. An answer table accessed by answer code, and has two foreign keys, one contains the question code, one for the user code (who owns this answer).

    When you select a question, it contains a question code. From that question code, the system does an SQL query saying select all from answer table where question code = the above question code from user's click.

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