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chronic uti's..anybody with experince i need some advice.?

Sense I was very little I always had urinary track infections. I've had four bladder surgeries back when I was a kid. I'm 27 years old now and I still have them all the time right now I have one so bad my back hurts most the time i can not even tell I have one because my body is so use to them. I don't have health insurance so i can not see a doctor most the time and just let it go. I'm wondering what are some effects this could have on my bladder and kidneys? if anyone has experince with this I would appreciate it thank you.


my surgiers wehere on my spencher muscel it does not work right i guess they never could fix it or figure it out.

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    My best friend has suffered from UTI's her whole life so I have pitty on you for what you are going through. When you saw your doctor who did your surgeries did he give you any diagnosis or say if you had narrow ureters from your kidneys? Do you hold off going to the bathroom? Do you drink plenty of water?I know this ? is odd but[If you are female] do you wipe from back to front because this can introduce bacteria to your opening which then can cause infections. Please dont wait if you get a bad infection because it can do radical damage to your kidneys. Good luck.

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    It is very dangerous to just "let it go". I have had literally dozens of UTI's. If you are having serious lower back pain, you may have a kidney infection. This is very serious. If you go into kidney failure you can die. I understand the issue of not having health insurance, but you really need to be seen or risk having a life-threatening emergency.

    Do you know what your triggers are...if so, check into taking a low maintenance dose of antibiotics. For me, sex was a trigger. I took a pill every time I had sex and that cut the number of UTIs very drastically.

    Talk to the doctor about self-treating for your UTIs. Explain about your health insurance problem and how frequently you have these infections. My urologist understands that I am well aware of the symptoms and gives me a prescription with a whole lot of refills for the appropriate antibiotic which costs only a few dollars (under $10) per refill. For a while I saw him once each year, but now it is once every two years.

    But whatever you do, don't let them go without treatment. The last place you want to be is on the transplant list...

    Good luck!

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    You don't indicate what kinds of surgeries you underwent.

    As you know, chronic UTIs usually entail a source for the bacteria to get into the bladder, which is designed to be sterile environment. One little bacteria can wreak havoc and cause UTI. Taking baths with bubble bath for instance. And because of your condition, you have more than likely been instructed on the proper technique for wiping after urination (front to back) to minimize the chance of bacteria entering into the urethra.

    I have seen wonderful results with the ongoing use of daily Cranberry tablets/juice, which is thought to create an acid environment in the bladder where bacteria cannot live and replicate. In your case, this may or may not help since you have had surgeries to repair ??

    I understand it must be awfully frustrating. Try the cranberry, but it isn't likely to cure an existing UTI, only future ones. Can also check with local health food store. Best wishes....

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    I don't know the effects but they probably are not good. My friend gets them all the time and she drinks alot of cranberry juice when she gets them and it helps.

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