What time does your school start?

Mine starts at 8:50;

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    We have three different starting times. Kids who start first period start at 7:10, but they get out at like 1:30 or something. Then, the second period kids start at like 8:00 or something like that and get out at two thirty. And then the third period kids start at 8:50 and get out at three thirty. I start third period. But you could come as early as you want and go to the library or just hang out outside, or socialize in one of the lunchrooms, called "houses." Or you could go to one of the tech centers and go on the computers. A lot of kids do their homework in the mornings.Or you could go out to eat at one of the places near the school or just wander around in the school building. So kids show up at all different times :)

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    8:30 but we must be within the school grounds at 8:15

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    8:40 But lessons start at 8:50am

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    we can be at schoola t any time.. but in class by 8:30

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    mine starts at 8;55

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    i sware im so luckyyy[:

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