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I need a Camping movie?

I am writing a paper on environmentally friendly camping and need a movie where someone goes camping and completely trashes their campsite or does things that potentially hurt the environment (burning plastic, using kerosene or gasoline to start a fire, leaving trash everywhere) If you could help it would be great!!

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    Pick just about any camping movie and you will find tons of things people shouldn't do.

    White Water Summer, The Great Outdoors, and Deliverance are the ones that top my list of ones I can think of off the top of my head.

    Become familiar with the basic principals of Leave No Trace and you will easily find tons of bad examples given to us by Hollywood.

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    Ernest Goes Camping. Enough Said

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    Without a Paddle is a hilarious movie but if you want something for a trashed campsite...the bear trashed their campsite and ate that dudes phone.

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    i think Daniel Stern(tall crook from home alone) was in a movie called "Bushwacked" or something like that. I haven't seen it for a long time but I think he was a crook who acted as a troop leader to take boy scouts on a camping trip as a way of hiding out.

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    there's RV with robin williams. funny movie

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    the great out doors

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    lol without a paddle

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    "Cabin Fever" its a comedy/horror

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