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acid reflux, throwing up, loss of apetite 29 weeks pregnant.?

my wife is 29 weeks pregnant and had our son 3 yrs ago at 26 weeks because of preclampsia. she is being monitored by her doctor but for the last 3 days she feels acid reflux, feels like throwing up and gets full fast so she dosen't eat as much so she is losing her apetite it looks like, i wonder if these are signs of preclampsia or something else?

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    Acid reflux is very common, throwing up is also part of it, very common. Loss of appetite can also be common, but if it causes her to lose weight, she needs to check with her OB. Those really aren't signs of preeclampsia. I had acid reflux something terrible when I was pregnant, my doctor told me I was allowed to take Mylanta to help it, and it did help. Just have her ask her doctor to get the okay, and if he/she says it's alright, take it as directed on the bottle. Also, for nausea, crackers and sprite always helped me.

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  • hey i can sympathize i am 30 weeks and i can eat very little without feeling to full and acid reflux is a pain i don't think its signs of preeclampsia i had it with my first child to and the warning signs are bad headaches excessive thirst and peeing a lot swelling in face and hands and elevated blood pressure but i would check with my dr jus to be sure my dr says my acid reflux and loss of appetite are just due to the baby getting bigger and to eat more small meals all day oh and mylanta orginal is a life saver!!

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    I felt like that my whole pregnancy especially in regards to acid refulx. I had hypertension and never got preclampsia. I wouldn't say those are signs. Anyway they need to do a 24 hour urine to check her protein levels. Make sure she is getting that done since she had it before.

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    Sounds like reflux to me. Tell her to drink plenty of water and cut out spicy foods and caffeinated drinks, this will help her to feel better. Good Luck!

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