What do you write in an evaluation and a conclusion ?

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for writing up an experiment in science.
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in evaluation, write a diagnosis or observation for your findings.
in conclusion, just answer what ever you write in your "problem"
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  • Oscar C answered 6 years ago
    You write in an evaluation your findings (in an experiment, etc.) by a systematic determination of its worth or significance using criteria against a set of standards. You find out whether it meets the standards or it did not meet the standards.

    You write in a conclusion your findings whether your proposition is arrived up after a thorough consideration of evidence, arguments or other premises, or not.

    Good luck to you.
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  • John M answered 6 years ago
    Talk about safety precautions. the results of the experiment. what could be done to enhance outcome. state whether it was successful or not and explain why it was/wasnt successful.

    GOOD LUCK! Dont Stress! Chew chewing gum-->it helps


    i do good in my secondary school science exams etc. i got 20/20 for the last experiment essay thing ; )
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  • Ruthie answered 6 years ago
    evaluation sums up your findings, what could have been done better, if anything went wrong, what you would do differently next time.
    the conclusion basically concludes your findings. go back to the original experiment - did your findings support what your theory was? if not, why not?
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  • _dangerousandmoving_ answered 6 years ago
    You just sum up everything you did and what the outcome is
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