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Why did Alaskans reelect Ted Stevens?

Why did Alaskans reelect Ted Stevens despite the fact that HE IS A CONVICTED FELON? Do they like corruption up there or something?

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    Because he's an incumbent who's name is probably familiar to some. Most people don't care enough to familiarize themselves with who they are voting for, they just check the box.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ted stevens has done so much for alaska that you cannot put it all in a posting.

    he brings so much to alaska money wise that to lose him would be devastating to the state as a whole. he sends millions of dollars to the 'bush'(term for villages and outlying areas) he has more power than the begich guy who ran against him. begich was absolutely worthless to vote for.

    as for being a felon. i bet if you went down the list of people in the upper three branches of the USA government you will find most thepoliticians are felons.

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  • David
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    1 decade ago

    They didnt want to give the seat the Democrats.

    Now Stevens can resign and Sarah Palin can appoint a conservative replacement.

    Alaska is a very Republican state and they didnt want one of their Senators to be a Democrat.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My guess is because they are very Republican, and know that he will likely be tossed out of the Senate by their own vote. When he loses his seat, it is then up to the Governor to appoint a Senator to fill the vacancy, and Palin will choose another Republican. I guess they did not want to give a seat to the Democrats.

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    They were worried about the balance of power in the Senate. They didnt want to give the Democrats a super-majority where there would be no check and balance.

    If the Democrats had reached 60 seats (which they didnt) we would essentially become a one-party government...like Russia is today.

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