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King Arthur的課文翻譯


雖然單字我知道 但變成句子就有些不懂

1. Today in the English language, the word Camelot has come to mean an ideal place.

2. It is often associated with President John F. Kennedy’s White House years, because his presidency started a new “golden age” of prosperity in the United States .

3. Most of the stories about King Arthur were written in the ninth century and later.

4. The stories tell us about the people and values of these times.

5. Most of them talk about a code of honor, or chivalry.

6. King Arthur and his knights were all chivalrous.

7. They respected others.

8. A chivalrous person did not kill his enemy after the enemy surrendered.

9. Arthur and his knights were expected to show respect for the church and pity for the poor, as well as bravery and courtesy.

10. In his work, Malory creates a story of extraordinary bravery and emphasizes the triumph of good over evil.

11. This work inspired kings all over Europe .

12. The success of recent movies and books shows that the popularity of the legend of King Arthur is still strong today.

13. There are sword fights and wars that make the story exciting.

14. Maybe it is this combination of greatness and humanness that has made King Arthur a popular figure around the world and throughout history.

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    1 。今天,在英語中,卡米洛已經到來意味著一個理想的地方。

    2 。它往往是與前總統約翰肯尼迪的白宮裡,因為他擔任主席開始了一個新的“黃金時代”的繁榮在美國。

    3 。大多數的故事,亞瑟王寫在第九世紀和以後。

    4 。這些故事告訴我們的人民和價值觀的時代。

    5 。他們大多數談論的高新科技產品,或騎士。

    6 。亞瑟王和他的騎士都是俠義。

    7 。他們尊重他人。

    8 。阿俠義人不殺死他的敵人後,敵人投降。

    9 。亞瑟和他的騎士,預計尊重教會和憐憫為窮人服務,以及勇敢和禮貌。

    10 。在他的工作,洛禮創造了非凡的故事,勇敢,並強調良好的勝利戰勝邪惡。

    11 。這項工作的啟發國王歐洲各地。

    12 。成功最近的電影和書籍表明,流行的傳說亞瑟王仍是強大的今天。

    13 。有劍打鬥和戰爭,使激動人心的故事。

    14 。也許是這種結合的偉大和人性,使亞瑟王流行的數字世界各地的整個歷史過程。



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