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Is the girls name Bailey overused?? ?

I have a list of baby girl names but Bailey is right up at the top... Do you think it is over used?

Here are a few other names I have in mind: Which is your favorite?

Analei (said fast like Emily) This is my hubby's favorite






I am not due until march so I still have a while to decide but I think I would like a name that ends with an 'N' sound or 'EE' sound. Any suggestions are appreciated.

(My favorite is Kynlei but my husband thinks it sounds 'too made up'


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    Analei - 10/10 - I love this name

    Reese - 10/10 - gorgeous

    Ashlyn - 10/10 - another beautiful name

    My favourite name that ends in an EE sound is Capri. (my daughters name). I absolutely love that name.

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    Allison (best pal) 6/10 Jennifer (Jen) 7/10 Kellie 2/10 Victoria: (Tori) 6/10 Cameryn 7/10 Savannah 2/10 Nicole 8/10 lovable x Farrah 3/10 Claire 8/10 cutte Bailey 5/10 Camille 4/10 Blaire 10/10 this call is cute x Blake 5/10 Molly7/10 Dominique 4/10 Lydia 9/10 Emily 4/10 Isabella 8/10 Chloe 2/10 Emma a million/10 Caroline (French pronuciation: Care-oh-leen) 6/10 Hannah 7/10 Holly 9/10 Brittany 4/10 Josephine (Josie) 5/10 Carole Ann 6/10 Meghan 3/10 Jeannie 7/10 Mary Katheryn (Mary Kate) 5/10 Paige8/10 Vivienne 2/10 Devon 2/10 Miranda 5/10 Ellen 7/10 in basic terms my opinion x

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    I don't think Bailey is an overused name. It's not number one one the most popular names of 2007- so she may be the only Bailey in her class :)

    Of your other suggestions, I like Analei best. You could also spell it Analeigh. My second choice is a tie between Reese and Demi.

    Kynlei is unique but I prefer your other names better.

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    I haven't heard Bailey for quite awhile. Until this weekend when I met a girl in Oklahoma named Bailey. I think its a cute name.

    Analei is cute and original (I think I heard of a girl on America's Next Top Model with that name but spelled differently).

    I also like Ashlyn.

    I've heard of Kaitlyn and Jaelyn a lot lately.

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    I like Analei too. Reese is also great. Yeah Bailey is pretty overused I cant stand it really cause it sounds SO ..."i wanna be unique" no offense, where as Analei is actually unique and much cuter!

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    I LOVE Analei...thats gorgeous! And I only know 1 Bailey.. so not overused! What about Chelsea or Lily?? Congrats on bubs by the way!

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    Bailey is sort of country- ish but I like Reese, Kaitlyn. Another way to spell the name Ashlyn which I like better is Aislinn and its Gaelic for dreamer. I like the name Demi, but I'd like it more if it was with a middle name so it could be a double name, like Demi Rose, or Demi Sage.

    Here are some more suggestions:




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    Yes Bailey is way over used!

    how about nicole

  • Bailey isn't a girl's name. It's a surname and then a masculine boy's name. And yes, it's overused on poor little girls who are going to be gender confused.

    Caitlin, spelled correctly, is the only decent one on the list.

    Analei looks made up. Reese is masculine. I prefer Aisling to Ashlyn. Jaelyn looks made up. Demi is more of a nickname.

    And I agree with your husband, Kynlei looks very made up, but then again, so does his favorite.

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    Bailey is a surname, so I don't like it as a first name.

    I like Annalie, spelled that way, a lot.

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