Why hasn't North Carolina been called in the 2008 election? There is 100% in, and Obama is up by thousands. ?

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    1 decade ago
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    the margin is too small and South Carolina law requires a certain margin for victory to be declared (i think). Its like in the michigan senate race. Coleman was ahead of Franken by about 1000 votes, but they are having a recount because the margin is too small. Its possible that their are some errors that could effect the results.

  • acleex
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    Perhaps they have enough provisional ballots that could technically give John McCain the state. Obama is winning by 14,000 or so right now with every precinct reporting, but there are definitely more than 14,000 provisional ballots.

    More than likely however, North Carolina has gone democratic, but the margin of victory of course will be much smaller than the blowout that Dole had.

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    Below is a link from NC news out of Raleigh. Obama had a lead of 12,106 votes over McCain as of last night when all the other States had come through. The unofficial winner of NC is Obama. However, they are having to count and confirm all the provisional ballots, which is time consuming, before the final vote count can be stated.



    Update: As of noon EST November 6th....Obama has now taken NC....


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    it's too close to call. they have to leave room to consider technical error and the margin is too small.

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