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What does a Portfolio Manager do?

I am under the impression that Portfolio Managers spend the majority of their day in front of computers managing their portfolio investments, mitigating risks, and communicating with their research team.

But when I read job descriptions, Portfolio Managers also do a lot of travel to meet clients, sale pitches, they interact with marketing, etc....It almost seems like a Sales job rather than a job where you sit in front of the computer managing a portfolio...

Am I wrong?

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    It's a pretty broad job description, different at banks vs hedge fund, vs asset management, etc., and different still for fundamental vs technical analysis.

    Definition of portfolio mgr:

    The person or persons responsible for investing a mutual, exchange-traded or closed-end fund's assets, implementing its investment strategy and managing the day-to-day portfolio trading.

    The portfolio manager is one of the most important factors to consider when looking at fund investing. Portfolio management can be active or passive (index tracking). Historical performance records indicate that only a minority of active fund managers beat the market indexes.

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