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African Clawed Frogs?

Im soon adding 2 ACFs to my already pre-cycled 10 gal tank. I know ACF get really big and live for more than 10 years so i'll switch out my 10 gal for a 20 as soon as they hit more than 5 inches. Do you know if a glass hanging filter would be more appropriate or an under gravel, i hear noisy waterfall filters disrupt their senses as they fell through vibrations. I know all the details and perks about these frogs as i have been researching them for the past few weeks. Any other additional information and advice is greatly welcomed

-Thankyou =D


Also this tank is starting with no other fish in it just the ACFs

Update 2:

I currently have 2 gouramis which are 3 inches and have been with me for almost 3 years, their death date is soo approaching so im replacing them with ACFs in the far future.

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    You might want to put them into a larger tank as soon as possible. I had two large ones around 5 inches in a 10 gallon, and it stayed constantly dirty. They are messy. They are very messy. lmao.

    But on the bright side, I loved mine. They are very cool little guys. Have fun with them though. They are illegal where I live now...

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    they sell turtle tanks (where one side is lower to accomadate a filter) ut they are kind of expensive as far as tanks go

    the HOB filter and filling the tank most of the wat up should be fine..

    a UGF won't do much anyhow.. you'd need to do alot of waterchanges if that was the only filtration

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    it seems to me that you've done great research, for full undertanding

    of this fish you may check this. Good luck

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