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Will Film School guarantee any Jobs after graduation?

If I finish graduating film school, will there be jobs comin' my way or will I be getting jobs as anything, writer, director, and what not, even if it's low key or low pay, but is it guaranteed? Should I take 4 years in hopes that you will definitely get a job, just because you finished Film School? Even if it's not much?

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    No, it doesn't guarantee a job.

    You have to know what you want well before graduating; and you have to try to get your foot in the door by writing those scripts, talking to people, doing internships, you can generate contacts.

    Film is not like other degrees where you get a job immediately after school (and even for some other degrees,you don't necessarily get a job right after graduation).

    You will have to start small, and work your way up...i.e. "pay your dues."

    However, that film degree can open up other avenues that might lead you to your film critic, reviewer, editor, etc..

    You don't limit yourself, but you be realistic...and make oppurtunities...

    Source(s): Me. I'm looking for a career in the film/tv business as well.
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    Jobs After Film School

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    Definitely not. Most film schools will teach you a lot of theory and some practical production. But most will not teach you the first thing about how the professional industry truly works and how you can put your education to use.

    There is no single way to get in. Even if you have a friend or relative who can get you your first job, the best way for anyone to find success is to learn how the business actually operates. Once you know who everyone on set and off actually is and what they actually do all day long, then you can use that information to figure out what path is best for you.

    For some people, volunteering to work on indie movies to gain experience is what they can do and need. For others, finding some kind of entry-level job in a movie-industry related company is best. If you want an "on set" job, you'll likely have to spend weeks to months working for free or very little money until you have met enough people who will like you and call you for a paying job. If you want some kind of "off set" job in post-production or an executive style area, then you likely won't volunteer for anything, but you will be starting at the bottom and not making much money.

    Any road into the business takes patience, passion, and perseverance. While you're still in filmschool, make the time to learn everything you can about the actual professional industry so that you can better tailor your own education to guide you toward your ultimate goals.

    For EVERYTHING you need to know about the professional film industry, check out What I Really Want to Do: On Set in Hollywood at the website listed below.

    Good luck!

    Brian Dzyak


    IATSE Local 600, SOC

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    I"m trying to figure out the same thing. I've heard connections made in film school are many times more valuable than a degree. You may have to take no pay internships to build experience before finding a job. You could even try to find an internship right now. Good luck! Maybe we'll be in UCLA together or something lol.

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    Absolutely 100% no. I've been freelance editing since film school and trust me, money is tiigghhhttt.

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    No degree guarantees anything. But it can put you in a better position than you would be without one.

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    maybe...but sometimes a lot of the great movie's are made by directors or writers who didn't go to film its really how bad you want it and just get up and go for it.

    wish you best of luck on your dreams:o)

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    Just one,,,,,, Waiter

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