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Can the UTI virus in cats become immune to antibiotics?


I'm sorry, *Bacterial infection.

Can it create immunities?

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    No, because a virus can't be cured. UTI's are a bacterial infection.

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    Yes! Bacteria can evolve very fast to become immune to a certain type of antibiotic, try using a different antibiotic. I would probably try to go to a different family of antibiotics if you can. Do some research one the antibiotic that your cat is taking (often they use the same medicine in different concentrations in humans so there should be a good bit of information about it) and talk to your vet about the problem that you're encountering.

    Also, this type of ability that bacteria have to become immune is why it is recommended NOT to use antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers. We're actually helping the bacteria become super bacteria that are extremely hard to kill.

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    the are bacteria, hence a antibiotic. They can become immune to certain medicines if this is a consistent problem and same medicine and dose is prescribed, but if you are doing pres. 100% correctly, times and everything it should be fully treated, when you stop giving medicine because you think its better without treating for the several days is when most people have trouble. Your vet. should be able to try a different prescription if your cat is consistently getting UTI's, but if its a male I could be more concerned with kidney function and stones, get a water that flows and filters, cats can be finicky and if they are not drinking enough it only makes matters worse.

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    Is your cat a male or female? My female had a UTI -- she was in a lot of distress -- but antibiotics cleared it right up. On the other hand my mom's boy cat had repeat UTI's and they decided it was a chronic condition. Not because the bacteria was resistant to antibiotics but because the cat produced crystals in his urine. So he kept getting blocked up which is VERY painful and serious too. Because toxins build up rapidly, they can die from it.

    Special food and pills to reduce crystals can help. She had to go as far as surgery for her boy cat but a lot of cats can benefit from diet changes. The vet can tell if your cat has that problem.

    Sorry I don't have an answer to the antibiotic resistance question.

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    There are bacteria infections that become immune to antibiotics, that is why it is not a good idea to jump to use antibiotics w/out proper diagnosis.

    No, you cannot become immune to UTI - a billion women would love something like that.

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    No. Its a bacteial infection. We can treat bacteria. BTW bacteria wouldn't become immune the person( or animal) would.

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