i need to think of something sad?

okay so i'm writing a book. and i need to think of a sad story.

so this is what i got so far. there is some pathetic little girl about 12 that has allot of Friends but feels that she needs more attention so she makes up story to try and make people feel bad for her

what is a sad stay that is believable for the girl in my story to tell everyone to make them feel bad for her. something really sad. that would like make someone stop talking for days. and be depressed and stuff. but something that wouldn't be o the news or anything something that would only happen at home.

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    She has leukemia and has only 1 year to live. But she doesn't ask people to be sad for her. She asks them to be happy that she has a year to live. They all try hard to be upbeat around her, but at home they are really sad that she is so sick..

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    How about this? A young girl has a father who is an alcoholic and who tells her all the time how he wishes he had a son and not a daughter. The girl feels so badly that she takes up softball in school because she knows how much her father loves baseball but could not have a son. Her parents get divorced, and the father's alcohol abuse continues. One night he is arrested and put in jail. While sleeping on the cot to sober up, he falls off the cot and gets an aneurysm. He has a seizure and dies. She never had a relationship with him. He dies without her ever reconciling these estranged emotions.

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    She could say that someone close to her died. A pet maybe?

    Maybe someone close to her has a fatal disease like cancer, or was diagnosed with a mental disease.

    Maybe she could say that her parents are divorcing or making her move.

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    her parents died and she is forced to live with a man that is supposeably her uncle but he is not he is a bad man that hurts her every night the girl has bruises and scratches all over her

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  • Her mother committed suicide, and the girl was the first one who found her. She has been crying for moths.


  • She could have been raped. Maybe by a drunk uncle or Dad's friend or even her Dad.

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    she gets in a car accident and breacks her leg

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