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What is the wackiest thing your Republican friends/relatives have said they are going to do if Obama was elect?

Here's mine:

My girlfriend's dad and step mom said that they would pull all of their savings out if Obama was elected.......Not if the economy got worse under Obama, nope, if he was elected they said they would be at the bank today pulling their money.

I am not to surprised really considering he is a self-described conservative Christian who had all three of his children out of wedlock and he did not even meet the last child till she was eleven years old much less has he ever payed a dime of child support. I don't think the mother ever asked for it, but he knew he had a daughter and still made no attempt to contribute to her upbringing. I guess he is a little unclear on the whole family values nonsense the Christian right is so adamant about.

Anybody got some of your own wacky republican friends?


Yes Sassy redhead I have looked at my 401k. It has gone down a lot. But for some crazy reason I am not interested in pulling all of my diminished funds and taking a loss just yet. Mainly because the guy responsible for this mess are current President, in case you forgot is a republican.

You are saying that you believe that you should "demand what the government should do for you". I am wondering how you think a small government would be able to "do" so much for everybody and still remain small.

And my last comment. You mentioned that one of the previous posters was a terrorist for voting for Obama. I voted for Obama. I also got out of the military a year ago. 4 years.....honorable discharge......served OUR country. Meaning that I care enough about you and your right to voice your half-baked ideas that I was willing to fight and die for them. Do you really believe that by simply voting for republicans you are a patriot and that a veteran such as my self is a terrorist?

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    move to Canada. i say good riddance.

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    My father is a Mccain supporter. He hasn't said he's going to do anything but he keeps going on endlessly about Obama's birth certificate (saying its a conspiracy that he was elected and that he was born in Kenya)

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    I have a friend who said that she was gonna move to Cuba, and help them destroy the United States. Then she said if that doesn't happen, then she will probably be in jail for conspiracy charges.

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    You really should start looking into your 401K. They have already said they will put a 5% cap on how much you contribute and will take that 401K and put it into Social Security. Socialist much?

    Talk about wacky....the government wanting money I saved up for...hmmm....sounds like a democratic nation to me!

    Ask not what you can do for your country.....demand what your country can do for you.....

    Source(s): Ummm....Heather...if you voted for ARE for terrorist and abortion and big government. DUH take the blinders off dear.
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    LOL!!!!! gosh, my uncle said he was going to move to canada and my dad said that i was for terrorism, abortion and big government!!

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