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For anyone not from the USA, what is your opinion of our new president, Barack Obama?

I was just wondering what the rest of the world thinks of our new president. I know many didn't like Bush, so I'm just curious to hear your opinion on Obama. I saw an answer on here from a woman in the UK and she didn't seem to happy, is it true people are not happy about our new president?

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    I'm American, but I got a recent issue of Reader's Digest and most of the world supports Obama. The article was showing the percentages of who they would vote for if they lived here, and an overwhelming majority went for Obama.

    Some countries had over 80% of people supporting Obama over McCain.

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    I am from the UK and have only visited the USA once, late in 2001 when air tickets were cheap. What I loved most in the USA were water towers - such wonderful and diverse structures. When I return, I want to tour all the water towers of America. There is one in South Carolina I must see - supposed to be a peach, but actually more like a large pink moon.

    I actually liked both presidential candidates, but feel that Obama was sounder on sorting out the economy, not being tied to Free Market economics.

    On abortion, and certain social issues, I am conservative and although I am opposed to Obama's stated policies there, I do notice he has a wonderful, close and united family! If America followed his example here, I will not complain much about his social liberalism.

    His attitude on foreign relations is excellent. He has taken a great deal of trouble to get himself known in Europe, and he seems much loved already in Africa and Asia. He could do America a lot of good abroad.

    To an Englishman, he is an American with perfect teeth. This could mean he, like most successful Americans, smiles better than he thinks. Time will prove me right or wrong.

    Most of all, he seems like another JFK, and I fear for his life.

    Biden is a safe pair of hands.

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    Most people in Ireland are delighted he won. I think people here were just happy that Bush is gone. He was a disaster for the world with his cowboy politics. Russia are now following his policies, so he opened up a Pandora's box. I think Obama will work with the rest of the world. With that said I believe John McCain was a good man as well and was likely to work with everyone as well.

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    I definitely supported McCain (as probably the ONLY European), and I must say that you guys have balls for electing Obama - a guy with only two years of senate experience. Nobody really knows what he's about, other than a great story. I do, though, think that he's gonna make it - just he doesn't make the US into another socialist Europe. I hate socialism and I hate Europe.

    God Bless America! - no matter who's in office! America deserves better than to be hated for it's democracy. Why are people hating their country because their ideology is not represented in the white house? Have more pride. I love America, as a European (hopefully I will soon be able to call myself an American, though) - how must you feel, to be ACTUAL Americans? I hope you're proud of your country.

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    Well, as for me I cant say What I think...cause I'm not american Neither european to give an opinion ....But Don't Know Why I have Feeling that there are to two kinds of people in america:

    1. The minorities, the blacks voted for Obama cause they feel he belong to them and represent them well ..cause he is from muslim

    father and he is first BLACK ever....and no matter what is his plans they will vote him cause he is black and they did.

    2. The Whites and rich Whites ...not because they like him actually they don't like the part he is from muslim father and lived for some years in Indonesia ....but because they have no other than choice but him at the moment ...because they had enough from Bush's politics in iraq

    and there was no one but obama as another Choice..and if there were other than him but not like mccain they wouldn't vote for him.

    and as for me I see him cute handsome very tall guy and have aslo pretty nice personality and unique talking way and unique voice.

    Fatima Iraqi

    Source(s): Just Iraqi girl
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  • 1 decade ago

    I live in the USA for a little while.

    I don't intend to stay here forever. But I can tell you something;

    For the first time I can say I would be proud to be American.

    Today I can believe in the strength of Democracy in America and that it is admirable.

    My hope: countries throughout the World watch this and start to wonder about themselves.

    A man who was elected because of his qualities and despite all obstacles.

    A new page of History has been written.

    I think most of the countries in the world are happy about it...but of course you will always find those kind of people who are living in the dark past.

    No one can really predict how good or bad he will but the Symbol is here no matter what happens next.

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  • 1 decade ago

    We on this side of the world are happy that he has won..while i agree that its none of our business what america does affects others as well weather directly or indirectly..America sneezes and we catch a cold...I think by electing Obama America has regained its respect that it once had....This is just my opinion...alot of ppl looked up to him for CHANGE and i hope that he will be able to deliver the change that he speaks of (From the caribbean)

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  • I am so happy I liked to cried because I knew he was going to be our new black president and he was going to change history, I had a feeling that this would happen I'm so proud to tell everyone my president is black.

    Some are not happy because he is black, but its not about the race some people just don't understand he's going to make a change is this country. Wish people could understand wow =[


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  • 1 decade ago

    I am African and reside in the UK. As far as i know we are all very happy and proud of Obama and his landslide victory. My boss bought cakes and crisp to work today to celebrate his victory and most pple i know were up all nite watching the news.

    On BBC news tonite, many confirmed he is an inspiration to young ethnic minorities and his victory will encourage more UK residents to get involved in politics.

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  • I am PROUD of Americans because they proved they are ready to move forward leaving the prejudices of the past behind; and I'm OVERJOYED by the outcome of this elections: Obama is a great man, he's far-sighted, smart, well spoken, committed, inspired and able to see things from different angles; I am sure that the world will be a much better place from now on!

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