Applying for UK citizenship while attending university after two years?

Well, here's my situation. I would like to attend the Oxford University of medicine. I recently visited the Oxford website and the tuition and fees are conveniently priced for UK students, while for international students its double the price.

Now here's my question let's say I attended Oxford University as an international student for two years. Can I apply for UK citizenship after those two years and receive the same price for medical school as UK citizens?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No you can't.

    UK universities are cheap for UK students because they are subsidized by the UK government. They are expensive for international students, because that is what the university actually costs.

    Becoming a UK citizen takes many years unless you get married or are eligible for an ancestry visa.

    If you're clever enough to go to Oxford you may be able to get some sort of scholarship, either from your home country or from Oxford.

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