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This seems fair to me doesn't it too you?

Now that the Anointed one has won the election and he is going to be a modern day Robin Hood to the poor don't you think it's fair if I put on my bill from any restaurant to ask Uncle Sam for the tip sense it's going to be taken out of pay checks anyways to give to the poor? You know "Spread the Wealth"

Oh and before you say the whole 200,000 dollar mark it was first at 250,000 then 200,000 then 150,000 and then 120,000 pretty soon it will be 42,000

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    I cried last night...and you know what I want to know? If Oprah is sooo rich a billionaire...why would she support someone that will take most of her money and give it to a welfare recipient?...I don't trust Oprah will never be taxed...Only the people he hates...God Help us!!!

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    Glad to see you on board so soon.

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    Get over it

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