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why does the american world series of baseball when all teams are american?

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    The title of this championship may seem odd to some readers from countries where baseball is not a major sport (or even where it is), because the "World" Series is confined to the champions of two baseball leagues that currently operate only in the United States and Canada.

    The explanation is that when the term "World's Championship Series" was first used in the 1880s, baseball at a highly-skilled level was almost exclusively confined to North America, especially the United States. Thus it was understood that the winner of the major league championship was the best baseball team in the world. The title of this event was soon shortened to "World's Series" and later to "World Series". "The Series", by itself, capitalized, is understood to mean "The World Series", in the appropriate context.

    The United States, Canada and Mexico (Liga Mexicana de Beisbol, established 1925) continued to be the only professional baseball countries until some decades into the 20th century. The first Japanese professional baseball efforts began in 1920. The current Japanese leagues date from the late 1940s. Various Latin American leagues also formed around that time.

    By the 1990s, baseball was played at a highly skilled level in many countries, resulting in a strong international flavor to the Series, as many of the best players from the Pacific Rim, Latin America, the Caribbean, and elsewhere now play on Major League rosters. The notable exception is Cuban nationals, due to the political situation between the USA and Cuba (despite that barrier, over the years a number of Cuba's finest ballplayers have defected to the United States to play in the American professional leagues). Players from the Japanese Leagues also have a more difficult time coming to the Major Leagues because they must first play 10 years in Japan before becoming free agents. Reaching the high-income Major Leagues tends to be the goal of many of the best players around the world.

    Early in 2006, Major League Baseball conducted the inaugural World Baseball Classic, to establish a "true" world's championship in the way the term is normally used for other international sports. Teams of professional players from 16 nations participated, and Japan won the first World Baseball Classic championship. Olympic baseball was instituted as a medal sport in 1992, but in 2005 the International Olympic Committee voted to eliminate baseball, and it will be off the Olympic program in 2012.

    The World Series itself retains a US-oriented atmosphere. The title of the event is often presented on television as merely a "brand name" in the same sense as the "Super Bowl", and thus the term "World Series Championship" is sometimes used. However, the origin of the term lives on, as with these words of Frank Thomas in the Chicago White Sox victory celebration in 2005: "We're world's champions, baby!" At the close of the 2006 Series, Commissioner Bud Selig pronounced the St. Louis Cardinals "champions of the world". Likewise, the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine for November 6, 2006, featured Series MVP David Eckstein and was subtitled "World Champions". Immediately after the final putout of the 2008 World Series, TV announcer Joe Buck stated, "Phillies are world champions."

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    When the series started over one hundred years ago baseball was a purely American sport and the name was dreamed up by a sports writer. A lot of the sport is based on tradition

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    1. This is not so. One team plays home in Canada. This can be researched, easily.

    2. It is a very old, very established, very trademarked name. By now it's like complaining that the "foul lines" are in fair territory.

    3. The players come from around the world. Really.

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    Why do people on Yahoo Answers ask questions where they really don't care about the answer

    Why do people on Yahoo Answers ask questions that have been asked 1000 times before and all our 'answers' are on those questions.

    Why do people on Yahoo Answers make assumptions (all teams are American), where clearly, CLEARLY, there is a team in Canada.

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    Spend the next day or two reading the over 1000 times this question has been asked and you may find an answer that suits you.;_ylt...

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    you seem to be forgetting that the Blue Jays are Canadian. and 75% of the players in the league are either of Latin descent or Asian.

    I say that it's pretty fitting to call it the World Series.

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    This question never gets old, five times a day...

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    You know you're American when:

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    it's just rounders for men in long johns.

    no stick for the yanks today though for voting for Obama.

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    Who else would want to enter a team? It's such a crap sport.

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