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? asked in 飲食其他 - 食物及飲品 · 1 decade ago

about godiva~~~

請問答 以下問題

godiva的time ivented(幾時開始有godiva呢個品牌)

godiva的country of origin(godiva係邊個國家的牌子)







materials~~(主要的材料去做)例如:酒心既 就當然係酒啦~



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    Godiva的time ivented(幾時開始有godiva呢個品牌)

    Draps family introduced Belgium to Godiva Chocolate in 1926.

    Godiva的country of origin(godiva係邊個國家的牌子)

    Brussels, Belgium


    Draps perfected a unique formula of rich chocolate with unparalleled smoothness. With a remarkable eye for detail, he set forth the standard for Godiva's innovative selection of elegant, European shell-molded designs and beautiful packaging.


    Master chocolatier Joseph Draps founded a chocolate company that was named in honor of the legend of Lady Godiva.

    In the year 1057, according to legend, the people of Coventry were suffering with extremely heavy taxes imposed by their lord, Leofric the Dane, in order to finance his battles. Leofric's sympathetic wife, a lovely Saxon named Lady Godiva, was determined to convince him to reduce the taxes. Leofric declared that Lady Godiva was shameless to plead for "the whining serfs." She responded by saying he would discover how honorable the serfs were. A deal was struck: Lady Godiva would ride unclothed through the streets of the city, "clad in naught but my long tresses," and if the population remained inside shuttered buildings and did not peek at her, their tax burden would be lifted. The following morning she made her famous ride and the citizens of Coventry graciously stayed inside, to spare their benefactor any feelings of shame. Leofric kept his word and reduced the grateful people's taxes. Today, in Europe, Lady Godiva is celebrated in countless works of art - tapestry, paintings, sculpture and literature.

    The Draps family introduced Belgium to Godiva Chocolate in 1926. Later, Joseph opened the doors to his shop on a cobblestone street on Grande Place. He named his family's chocolate company "Godiva."


    Its apparent in the exquisite European-style gold ballotins and handcrafted seasonal packaging that have earned Godiva a reputation for design excellence.

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    The enrobing chocolate, dark, milk or white is specially prepared for Godiva following their own recipe.

    2008-11-08 02:21:07 補充:

    The fillings - fine creams, delicate marzipan, fruit and nuts - are prepared in the mixers in the Godiva kitchens. Fresh butter and real cream are delivered several times a week. And the hint of alcohol , notably in the fresh cream pralines, comes from top brand liqueurs and three star Cognac.

    2008-11-08 02:21:12 補充:

    The praline is always made in-house. The nougatine is also made in a traditional way at Godiva.

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