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(20分)關於cerruti 1881

有無人知道cerruti 1881既history lei?要英文version~!

另外會唔會有埋佢個floor plan ?如果無,又會唔會有其他brand既floor


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Company profile:

    EganaGoldpfeil(Holdings)Ltd., the licensee of CERRUTI 1881

    watches, is a bolbal leader in timepiece,jewellery,leather and

    lifestyle products with an operathing presence in 14 countries, global

    distribution and over 4,000 employees.

    EganaGoldpfeil's famous timepiece products are sold under

    trademarks owned by the EganaGoldpfeil Group (Goldpfeil, JOOP!,

    Carrera, Pierre Cardin, Junghans ) and exclusive licenced

    brandnames (CERRUTI 1881 , ESPRIT, PUMA),

    EganaGoldpfeil's shares were admitted as one of 200-stock Hang

    Seng Composite Index Series listed on the Stock Exchange of

    Hong Kong Limited since 3rd October, 2001.

    The combination of a traditional high-end fashion brand as

    CERRUTI 1881 and EganaGoldpfeil's long standing experience in

    luxury goods, highest quality and excellent reputation creates

    outstanding watches with the typical Italian fashion flair.

    Band history:

    The legendary Italian fashion house CERRUTI has

    been standing for continuity since 1881 with a simple

    but inspiring philosophy:

    Keeping permanent pace with fluctuating trends while

    never losing sight of the innovations that future is about.

    Based on its Italian origins, CERRUTI represents

    timeless, elegant & ageless high-end fashion for men &


    - Indulgent personal luxury

    - A true modern classic

    - Pure core value & image

    - A cosmopolitan touch

    Authentic Italian design and Swiss quality within an

    accessible price range for women and men who crave

    the definite definitions of style - it's the signature for

    watches of CERRUTI 1881.

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