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Place value,number value有什麼不同?

請問Place value,number value有什麼不同?




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    Place value

    Numbers, such as 12,345, have five digits. Each digit is a different place value.

    The first digit is the ten thousands' place, which is 1 in this example.

    The second digit is the one thousands' place, which is 2 in this example.

    The third digit is called the hundreds' place, which is 3 in this example.

    The next digit is the tens' place, which is 4 in this example.

    The last or right digit is the ones' place which is 5 in this example.

    Therefore there are one sets of ten thousand, two sets of one thousand, three sets of one hundred, four sets of ten, and five ones in the number 12,345.

    Number value

    For example:

    The number value of 5 is greater than the number value of 2.

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