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2.4. Experimental design

Rats were randomly divided into ten groups of six animals per each group.

Group 1 was control; groups 2–4 received APAP (750 mg/kg, i.p.) as a single dose,ADN (100 mg/kg, i.p.) for 10 consecutive days, or CsA (250 mg/kg, i.p.) for 14 consecutive days, respectively. Groups 5–7 received tomato extract (5 mg/kg, oral) for 7, 10 or 14 days, respectively. Group 8 received a single dose of APAP(750 mg/kg, i.p.) followed by treatment with tomato extract (5 mg/kg, oral) for seven consecutive days. Group 9 received ADN (100 mg/kg, i.p.) plus tomato extract (5 mg/kg, oral) for 10 days. Group 10 received CsA (250 mg/kg, i.p.) simultaneously with tomato extract (oral, 5 mg/kg) for 14 days. At the end of the treatments, the animals were sacrificed and organ tissues were collected for biochemical and histopatoligical examinations.

2.5. Determination of lipid peroxidation

The extent of lipid peroxidation was assessed by measuring the amount of

thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS). Briefly, 500 mg of tissue was

gently minced in 4.5 ml of 0.25 M sucrose. The minced tissues was gently homogenized and then centrifuged at 2000 rpm for 30 min, and 0.1 ml of the supernatant was treated with a buffer containing 0.75 ml of thiobarbituric acid (0.8%, w/v),0.75 ml of 20% acetic acid (pH = 3.5) and 0.1 ml of sodium dodecylsulfate (8.1%,w/v). The volume of this solution was made up 2 ml with distilled water and the mixture was heated in a boiling water bath for 60 min. The absorbance was then measured at 532 nm in a Beckman DU_-7 spectrophotometer (Jamall and Smith, 1985)



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    2.4 。實驗設計大鼠隨機分為10個組的6個動物每組。組1控制;團體2-4收到氨酚( 750毫克/千克, IP )作為一個單一的劑量,和( 100毫克/千克, IP )的對連續10天,或環孢素A ( 250毫克/千克, IP )的連續14天,分別。 5-7組收到的番茄提取物( 5毫克/千克,口服)為第7 ,第10或14天。第八組收到了單劑量氨酚( 750毫克/千克,知識產權) ,其次是處理番茄提取物( 5毫克/千克,口服)連續7天。第九組收到( 100毫克/千克,知識產權) ,加上番茄提取物( 5毫克/千克,口服)為10天。第十組收到的環孢素A ( 250毫克/千克, IP )的同時,番茄提取物(口服, 5毫克/千克)為14天。在結束治療,動物的犧牲和器官組織中收集到的生化和histopatoligical考試。

    2.5 。測定脂質過氧化反應的程度脂質過氧化是衡量評估的數額硫代巴比妥酸反應物質( TBARS ) 。簡言之, 500毫克的組織輕輕地碎在4.5毫升0.25 M蔗糖。該組織是直言不諱地輕輕勻漿,然後在2000年離心轉速為30分鐘,和0.1毫升的上清液治療緩衝區載0.75毫升的硫代巴比妥酸( 0.8 % ,水/五) , 0.75毫升的20 %乙酸( pH值= 3.5 )和0.1毫升的十二烷基硫酸鈉( 8.1 % ,水/五)。該卷的這一解決方案是由2毫升蒸餾水和混合物加熱在沸水浴60分鐘。吸光度測量,然後在532納米的貝克曼DU_ - 7分光光度計( Jamall和史密斯, 1985年)

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