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Annie asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 decade ago

Why is there a transition period between presidency?

We elect a president on November they are not inaugurated into office until Jan 20th, 2009, why is that?

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    Well, think of when the Constitution was written. The President-Elect couldn't hop on a plane and fly halfway across the country to take over on November 5. Plus, this time is for the president elect to appoint his cabinet and figure out the other jobs to fill. Transition of power takes time.

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    1. Because the Constitution says so. Got a problem with that?

    2. The President-elect needs to hand out favors to people that have helped them get into office - and figure out how not to "screw the pooch" by giving the jobs to syncophants vice competent people.

    3. The current (lame duck) President is still C-I-C. The new President can't competently take over command of those troops without some transition.

    4. The new President must allow his/her spouse the time to pick the domestic staff.

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    It a transitional period, the president-elect has to select his staff and cabinet members. It also gives him time to handle personal matters such as finances, etc. It is the same as most elected official in the US.

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    1 decade ago

    The currnet President has to have time to move his things out of the White House and the incoming President must prepare to move in.

    And it is the way it is done. Be patient.

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    1 decade ago

    because they get to appoint the people that they want to have in office while their president. Its a transition period

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    It gives the new President time to set up his administration, while giving the lame duck President time to pardon all his crooked friends and force through regulatory changes that will benefit his ultra-wealthy business friends.

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    Bush needs time to pardon all the crooks and criminals who are his friends and he needs time to gather up all of his ill gotten booty and transport it to numbered accounts.

    Plus, they need to indoctrinate Obama and de-brief him and let him know what he CAN and CANNOT do as President.

    The White House also needs to be re-decorated and refurnished and they need to install potty's for the puppy.

    There's a LOT of work ahead.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    To give all the special interest groups time to build up funds to buy the newly elected people.

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