where is niagara falls?

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    Niagara falls is on the Niagara river which, by the way , separates Canada and the State of New York. They are about halfway down the river and are between Buffalo, N.Y. and St. Catherines, Ontario.They are quite are tourist attraction. The falls actually consist of three separated falls. The Horseshoe falls, the American falls, and the veil falls. There are many things to see and do on both the american and Canadian sides of these falls for instance museums, casinos,and many hotels.

    Source(s): I live near them and have been there many times
  • Digby
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    Niagara falls is in between Canada and America.

    Best seen from Niagara resort Canada.

    Across the border from America - upstate New York.

    Buffalo airport 20 mins drive.

  • jaime
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    On the Niagara River...which runs between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

    It actually straddles the US-Canada border there.

    You can also see it in the latest Indiana Jones movie. for about two seconds, while the characters are careening down Iguazu Falls, there is a shot of Niagara Falls! I laughed so hard! Everyone in the theater looked at me funny. I'm the only one who gets these jokes!

  • Anonymous
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    In between the state of New York and Canada. It is very beautiful there.

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    You are an hour's drive from Toronto - (south) or 20 minutes from Buffalo, New York, and 35 minutes from Hamilton,ON (by car)...........

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